30 Fonts That All Designers Must Know & Should Own

jacob cass
Talking about typography…this young hotshot webdesigner Jacob Cass has this article about 30 fonts:
Link is here!


SWOO Digital Media

Found this british webdesign company. Great stuff.


Very proff work.

They have their own blog here:


-where they tell about their lates creatings and other stuff.

SEO Rapper in da house…!

Talk about music that talk to our coder heart…

Goodmorning World!

Greetings from Denmark!

Hopefully you all got a good nights sleep and are ready to kick some ass today.

Right now I am doing this blog exercise as a part of my web designer certification at http://www.sessions.edu.

Why you might ask?! Because I am a-wanna-be-pro-web designer. Its a long tough walk, but I will get there!

Visit my websites here:

http://www.webdezn.com – my old site, with some of my first designs.

http://www.danjalvestergaard.com – my new site, with new web work.

http://www.designazz.com – my joomla cms site.

Take care out there.